Standard Printing has decades of pressroom experience with six-color inline coating up to eight-color perfecting presses. Integrated digital quality control processes ensure high quality repeatable results. Quick “makereadies” with automated plate loading and wash up allow a smooth transition from job to job.


Customization Reduces Waste

By analyzing usages and stocking significant inventory we are able to “right size” the sheets to better fit your product. This enables us to maintain a flexible inventory, realize significant waste reduction and lower paper usage costs.

  • 28″ x 40″ Eight-Color Perfecting Offset •
  • 28″ x 40″ Eight-Color Perfecting Offset with Inline Aqueous Coater.
  • 47″ x 64″ Six-Color with Aqueous Tower coater
  • 51″ x 73″ Six-Color with UV or Aqueous Tower coater 



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