About Us

Standard Printing Company has been in business for over 94 years, and was founded in 1923 by Homer Bolender and is an offset and digital sheet-fed printer. The company continued in the Bolender family until 1981 when it was sold to four investors headed by Terry J. Nolan, who became the President. In late 1991 Mr. Nolan became the sole owner of the company. In 2008, we began the implementation of our future succession plan when Bill Nolan joined Standard Printing Company.

We are a customer-driven 153,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in downtown Canton, Ohio just minutes from the Akron-Canton Airport and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The company prides itself on being a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen. Standard Printing Company’’s success has been created by it‘s committed employees and by a successful customer base. Our customer’s’ achievements have helped enable us to purchase the very best equipment and to grow along with them. We are committed to establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships so that our customers can rely on us to meet or exceed their expectations with competitive pricing, and by doing that we hope to be rewarded with more business.

In addition, our Customer Service and Sales Staff averages 25 years of printing industry experience. We bring knowledge, expertise and a significant amount of care to each order that is fulfilled at Standard Printing. Our goal is to make the customer’s experience as seamless and simple as possible and to provide responsive, flexible services, combined with a relentless focus on quality and on-time performance. Our wide and diverse range of capabilities, such as our in house design department, 28” x 40” up to 51” x 73” offset presses, and our digital presses with variable data printing capabilities, ensure that we can offer the ideal combination of quality and speed for any of your projects.

Mission Statement

To realize our employees’ potential and our profitability by providing high quality products and services, in an enthusiastic manner, which exceeds our customers’ expectations and makes us an effortless company to do business with.

Our Core Values •

      • The Customer – is always First and Foremost in our thoughts and actions. •
      • Expectations – we are driven to set our expectations Above our Customers’ Requirements. •
      • Teamwork – the cornerstone of creating Strong and Successful working Relationships by
        Collaborating and Appreciating each other. •
      • Communication – we will be Open, Honest, and Respectful in our communications, while
        admiring the value of Diverse Viewpoints. •
      • Learning – we learn by continuously Developing and Deepening our Knowledge of ours
        and our customers’ bussinesses, and the skills of everyone within it. •
      • Resourcefulness – we embrace Diversity, Challenge the status quo and Innovate to
        solve problems. •
      • Leadership – by Welcoming Responsibility and having a Servant Attitude
        that inspires others.
      • Safety – is at the Foundation of everything we do. •
      • Integrity – our business will be conducted in a Professional manner,
        while at the same time being Socially and Environmentally Responsible.